Business Cafe

Meet at trusted location with current and future business partners.
Perfect atmosphere and delicious coffee.
Members of TribesArena are very much welcome!

CBS - Coffee Business Snacks

To discuss projects and business opportunities, we will support You with energy-enhancing coffee and healthy snacks.


Taste our own and eat healthy&delicious snacks.


Check our specials and what You can expect at location

Why we meet in Tribes cafe?

It's not only a place to drink coffee; it's a place to discover new business opportunities.



Discover our own
Taste the flavour and aroma.
Genuine Arabica.



Connect with the right ones. Club members are very much welcome!



Buy fresh and healthy snacks,
that will help You make perfect decisions
during the rest of the day.

Your own Tribes Cafe?

Do You have at least 3 Years of experience in running cafe and You search for new approach? If You have good energy and You want to enter new business areas... contact us! is part of the Club

We will discuss with You how to incorporate spirit into Your location. You will have the opportunity to run very business oriented place. There are many ways to gain income with and it's not only by selling coffee and snakcs. Apply now!

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